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I WANT YOU! [04 Mar 2008|06:33pm]

Noting Livejournal is largely a dead place, it's worth a try all the same.

Hi, I'm Grizzy, and I'm a high school senior based on the outskirts of New York City. I'm doing a traveling photography project, taking pictures of people leading alternative lifestyles, and I am interested in you!

Already lined up I have:
Nuns in Newark
Anarchist Activists in Brooklyn
A Nocturnal Couple on the Outskirts of Philly
A Holistic Spiritual Guidance Counselor in Montreal
Cyber-Goths in Canada
Furries in Cleveland
A Judge in Ohio

Genderqueer Individuals/Communities
Dumpster Divers
Vaudevillian Performers
Club Kids
Anyone Interested

I will be driving to all of these places, and am willing to make stops along the way. There is no payment or fame in this, just fun. I will be in the New York area until the last week of April, and then the travels begin.

If you are interested in any way, comment on this entry, or IM me on aim (grizzy attacks).

Can't wait to hear from you!
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Dumpstered Food and Fashion at Forest Defense Party [20 Mar 2007|03:50pm]

Come see "models" wear other people's trash while eating yummy food thrown away by wasteful NYC retailers!

Victoria’s Secret Victory
and Birthday Party
for Wetlands Activism Collective

On Saturday, March 24, at 7:30 PM, Wetlands Activism Collective, in conjunction with Times Up!, will hold a party to commemorate Victoria’s Secret’s recent commitment to phase out the use of paper pulp from endangered forests and increase use of recycled paper in its catalogs and to announce an upcoming National Day of Protest, April 21, targetting catalog companies that have yet to institute significant reforms. Victoria’s Secret’s announcement comes at the heels of 2 years of protests, street theater, and civil disobedience by Wetlands Activism Collective, ForestEthics, and other environmental groups. The party will also commemorate Wetlands Activism Collective’s 18th birthday. Founded as the social justice and environmental arm of the late, lamented Wetlands Preserve nightclub, Wetlands Activism Collective has devoted almost two decades to successful advocacy campaigns on issues like forest defense, anti-consumerism, animal rights, anti-globalization, indigenous people’s rights, resource waste, and labor rights.

The party will feature music with DJ Thadeaus and surprise guests, free food (prepared by Freegan.info; a project of Wetlands Activism Collective); a freegan fashion show; updates on forest defense campaigns featuring activists from Wetlands Activism Collective, Rainforest Relief, and ForestEthics, environmental films; and slideshows of exciting images from forest defense protests and direct actions.

No RSVP is required. Admission is free, but donations are welcome. The party will be held at Times Up! environmental space at 49 East Houston Street between Mott and Mulberry. Take the B, D, F, or V to Broadway-Lafayette, 6 to Bleeker Street, or the N/R to Prince Street. For more information, call Wetlands Activism Collective at (201) 928-2831 or email activism@wetlands-preserve.org.
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NVB Divetribe [13 Feb 2007|05:17pm]

[ mood | dirty ]

NVB (Norfolk/VA Beach, VA) Divetribe (dumpster diving) is looking for members! Please join!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

p.s. If there is a problem with this post I will delete it.
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SOURGRAPES: A zine of substance! [04 Feb 2007|08:35pm]

Hi there,
My name is Sam. I help run a zine called SOURGRAPES ZINE. We're a local zine based in Lexington KY. We focus on teaching kids about D.I.Y. ethics, being posi, and why its important to support local art and music.
I wanted to write not only to introduce our zine to the livejournal zine world! But also to explain our predicament. You see, after a lot of pulling out hair and craziness we've decided to hire on a full-time zine team. We used to be submission based but it was pretty hard on our (then) small team.
So now we're looking for like minded zinesters and punks who support self publication, D.I.Y. ethics, posi beliefs, and who are interested in having some fun creating a great zine and keeping the underground press alive!

We're looking for:

- Columnists
- Interviewers
- Record reviewer **
- Zine reviewers **
- D.I.Y. guide writers **
- Survival guide writers **
- Bike Repair guide writers **
- Cover artists (for upcoming covers)
- Photographers
- Cartoonists (full-time strip)
- Proof readers **
- Printers
- + more!

If you think you could help us out or would like to become apart of our team, we'd love to have you! Write us at SOURGRAPESZINE@GMAIL.COM or through our myspace: http://myspace.com/sourgrapeszine
Once again we are looking for FULL TIME writers/artists (which means we will be interested in your submissions for each issue) were poor and cant pay you but we can offer free ad space, zine copies, zine reviews, and whatever Sam can knit you!



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Norfolk & VA Beach Dive Tribre [26 Dec 2006|11:42pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Ok I made up a Dive Tribe for the Norfolk/VA Beach (Virginia) area. Anyone in the genrale area is welcome to join.


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.....cold floppy gills....... [09 Nov 2006|12:37pm]

....It is good stuff when things seem to start falling into place, when you feel like the past isnt still nipping at your heels and a chance for something completly new and exciting lays before you. When you can see the positive aspects of life unfolding rather then the negative. When you dont feel like you are on a tilterwheel of insanity and living a life riddled with unnecessary bullshit...
....ughhh, my dog is laying next to me, she smells like like shit that has been baking in the sun for four days and doused in liquified trash.Blahhh....
....okay i kicked her out...
...have a science test on friday, i know most of the stuff due to review days but have to look through my notes just a couple more times to make sure i got it all down......
....going to tampa with renee this evening so we can dogsit her sisters pup.....
.....so things between me and Renee have, well, all i can say is i am happy to be past the wackyness that both of us seemed to spur on this last year. A time when both of us were in that weird transitional faze. And, well i was under the spell of a breakdown. It feels once again like when i first met Renee, a feeling of deep conection and freindship, not hampered by " what a relationship is". Its funny how one can say something but not practice what they speak, something i did for a while. I was looking for something , i dont know exactly what, i dont no exactly why. Maybe i though there was something missing, but the truth is it was in front of me all along. The only thing missing was love for myself....
.....if you say your not hypocrite then you are a liar, if you say your not a liar then you are not human.......
.....silly apes never learn, we should have stuck to hanging in trees and flinging pooo.....
.....dont overcomplicate that which is not complicated.........
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Need your help!!!! [30 Oct 2006|09:46pm]

Ok now is the time when I need your guys' help... badly. I have been searching and searching and finding almost nothing. So here is what I need. I need info on big stores policies on throwing away things and why they do it. For example: Gap throwing away 4 pairs of jeans because they are out of style, or because if they throw it away their taxes are cheaper. Mind you that was all pulled out of my butt cause I can't find anything on stores policies. So if any of you could help me out with this that would be amazing. It doesn't have to be on big chain stores either. At this point anything will help. Thank you all so much!!!!
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Help? [24 Oct 2006|03:48pm]

Anyone want to help me with some info on stores policies on throwing away stuff and everything. I am doing a research paper for college on this. Also if any of you know any good diving places in Chicago that would be great too..Thanks.
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DITR Number Six - celebrating one year of publication (xposted like a madwomyn) [28 Aug 2006|09:21am]

Hey Just wanted to let you know that my perzine,

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH No 6 is out, celebrating

a full year of publishing.  Click on the cover for more


While you're at it, come visit my distro, we're

growing slowly, but are adding zines on a daily basis

and would love to distro your zine projects =^_^=

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Dog up for adoption [23 Aug 2006|01:58pm]

For those who don't know this, I volunteer for a local (New Haven, CT) animal adoption project that specializes in cats. Last night, when I got to work, the hospital had a rottweiler named Harley that had been given up for euthanization. The events as I understand it are, the dog was brought in with a hip problem. After having been treated, Harley went home with his owner. Apparently, he was brought back in a day or so later with a broken femur. The owner allegedly tried saying she didn't know how it happened, then finally admitted the dog fell at home (whether through negligence or accident, I don't know). What amazed me is, the owner apparently decided the dog was too much trouble or something to that degree, and wanted to have it euthanized.
I sat with this dog for a total of about half an hour before and after doing my volunteer work, and he is amazingly affectionate. He kept putting his paw in my lap and letting me scratch behind his ears and all down his sides. At one point, I was sitting next to him on the floor with my back to a cabinet, and had my hand under his head. Harley decided to lay his head down on my hand and doze off for a few minutes with me cradling his head. He's one of the most pleasant dogs I've seen come through the hospital. Apparently, right before I arrived, a kitten walked up to him, swatted his nose, and HE backed down.
I will inform through this medium that this is a somewhat bigger dog. As an adult male, Harley is about 140 lbs, and stands at mid-thigh height to me (measured from the top of his head when standing). However, rottweilers have a much better disposition than people seem to understand. The portrayal of the mean, vicious junkyard dog only applies to these animals when they've been abused and trained to react to humans with suspicion and anger. Normally, rottweilers are sweet and loving, and VERY protective of their families. I would have adopted him in a heartbeat, but I'm in a situation where it's not possible. If anyone would like to talk to the people who deal with adoption, message me here and I'll send you their phone number. I am willing to help in transporting him, in exchange for EXACTLY how much gas I use, and not a penny more (and I only ask for gas because I'm unemployed).
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[15 Aug 2006|12:11pm]

I am moving in 2 weeks to Athens, Ohio, and was hoping to meet some other people there that dumpster dive. Anyone live in the Athens area?
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dive tribe the band, the community. [20 Jun 2006|12:23pm]

I am creating a band with instrument materials from dumpster dove and community materials (the SLC Bicycle Collective.) It too will be named "Dive Tribe", and it will have songs about joining together and dumpster diving. Sort of a complimentary for the purpose of Dive Tribe.

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... fructose is so high these days... [10 May 2006|10:59am]

...from the land of eternal strip malls and rednecks i greet you...
...I know this hasnt got to do with the wonderfull art of dumpster diving but im going to post this question anyway...
....I am wondering if any of you possibly live in or around Durango Colorado...
....You see me and my brother are traveling from Florida to spend some time up in that area...
....Ive never been out their and dont know what to fully expect...
....I was wondering if any of you who live their might know of a place we might be able to stay for a while...
... both of us are real chill people who are willing to help out anyone who might be able to help us...
....anything from suggestions to where to go to shelter for a few days would be awsome....
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Looking for CT people [28 Mar 2006|01:56pm]

Hey, I just joined up. I'm Mange, I just moved to Meriden, CT. I'm looking for anyone else in the area who wants to start hitting dumpsters. Drop me a line...
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[23 Jan 2006|05:16pm]

The Mbuti Pygmies and Radical Dumpster Divers: Two Hunter-Gatherer Societies Contrasted
this is a paper I wrote a while ago. It was a little rushed so some of this may seem silly to dumpster divers (for example, "radical dumpsterd divers" was used for lack of a better term). lemme know what you guys think. this is crossposted to greenanarchy, divetribe, dumpsterdivers, and my personal journal.

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More and Overseas Media Freegan Requests [11 Jan 2006|07:58pm]

Journalists would also like to talk to freegans who are here:

Connecticut (anywhere)
Maine (anywhere)
Massachusetts (anywhere)
New Hampshire (anywhere)
Rhode Island (anywhere)
London. England, UK
Southeast England, UK


We've also received requests from overseas from journalists wanting
to interview freegans. There are journalists who would like to talk
to you if you are freegan and live

Anywhere in the UK, especially
East Midlands, UK
(Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire/Leicestershire/Lincolnshire/ East Staffordshire)
Yorkshire, England, UK


Anywhere in Australia
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EVEN MORE Media Requests for Freegans & Dumpster Divers!! [11 Jan 2006|09:24pm]

Since the last time we posted, reporters in EVEN MORE cities have
expressed interest in doing stories on freeganism!

We are still looking for people to talk to media about freeganism in
these cities/regions:

Albany, NY
Bakersfield, CA1.5 hours NE of LA
Bay Area, CA
Boston, MA
Canada (anwhere in the country)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Central FL
Central NY
Chicago, IL
Cincinatti, OH
Gainseville, FL
Ithaca, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY
Northern VA
Phoenix, AZ
Rochester, NY
Syracuse, NY
Tampa, FL
Toronto, CA
Vancouver, CA
Washington, DC
Wilmington NC

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested. If
you'd like to participate in a media story in any of the towns listed
below, call Adam at (201) 928-2831 or email adam@freegan.info

In case you missed our last post, here is a bit of background on what
this is all about:Read more...Collapse )
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Updated List of Cities Where People Are Needed for Interviews [06 Dec 2005|06:40am]

Freegan.info, a group and website promoting freeganism, has gotten a ton of media requests lately from journalists all over the country who want to find local freegans to interview.

What is freeganism?
Read more...Collapse )

If you aren't sure what freeganism has to do with animal rights, visit http://freegan.info/?page=ARFreegan . As many animal rights activists have heard inaccurate descriptions of what a freegan is, you may be surprised to learn that freeganism is a lifestyle that powerfully reinforces animal rights ethics.)

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested. If you'd like to participate in a media story in any of the towns listed below, call Adam at (201) 928-2831 or email adam@freegan.info

Here are the cities we are currently looking for interviewees in or near:Read more...Collapse )
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MORE Requests for Interviews with Freegans/Dumpster Divers [28 Nov 2005|12:06pm]

Any freegans or other dumpster divers from any of the following places willing to be intervied? If so, please contact me at (201) 928-2831 or email adam@freegan.info. Thanks!

Anywhwere in Canada - CBC Radio (National)

Toronto, CA(yes, another Toronto!)--Student Project

Washington, DC -- Fox 5 TV

Austin, TX --Student Project

Wilmington, NC -- WWAY TV 3

Syracuse, NY -- WSTM-TV

and we are still looking for people for these:

Los Angeles -- UPN 13
Toronto --Toronto Star
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Another LA TV Request and One from Toronto [24 Nov 2005|09:26pm]

Another LA TV Request and One from Toronto

KLOB, UPN 13 in Los Angeles is looking for freegans to talk to for a TV interview.

A reporter for the Toronto Star is looking to talk to local freegans in her town for a story.

If anyone is interested in being interviewed for either, please contact me and I will put you in touch with them.


Adam Weissman
(201) 928-2831
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