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Noting Livejournal is largely a dead place, it's worth a try all the same.

Hi, I'm Grizzy, and I'm a high school senior based on the outskirts of New York City. I'm doing a traveling photography project, taking pictures of people leading alternative lifestyles, and I am interested in you!

Already lined up I have:
Nuns in Newark
Anarchist Activists in Brooklyn
A Nocturnal Couple on the Outskirts of Philly
A Holistic Spiritual Guidance Counselor in Montreal
Cyber-Goths in Canada
Furries in Cleveland
A Judge in Ohio

Genderqueer Individuals/Communities
Dumpster Divers
Vaudevillian Performers
Club Kids
Anyone Interested

I will be driving to all of these places, and am willing to make stops along the way. There is no payment or fame in this, just fun. I will be in the New York area until the last week of April, and then the travels begin.

If you are interested in any way, comment on this entry, or IM me on aim (grizzy attacks).

Can't wait to hear from you!
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hi there,
i am a dumpster diving,fire dancing queer tattoo artist of romani (gypsy)descent, and proud of it.
almost everything i have is dumpstered/second hand,and 'grocery shopping' is a handcart and black hoodie affair hours after the stores have closed.i currently feed three people almost entirely on dumpstered food.
for the most part i live on the road, with a semi permanent base in toronto.if the toronto cyber-goths are the ones you have lined up, there is a good chance i know some of them,as i was a cyber-goth club kid/go go dancer for years.

sounds like a fun project.
If you ever see this, I would love to see the photos you've taken for this project.
I am an anarchist mother and wife. We believe in agnostic psychedelia as a religion and fighting the powers that be by accumulating a legal education for myself. It sounds a lot better on paper.

If you find yourself in Wyoming ever, send me a pm.