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divetribe's Journal

divetribe:a network to find local dumpster divers.
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The time has come to unite the tribes of the dive. The dumpster dive. Too long have dumpster bins been uncovered by the few when they can yield to the many because the tribes have not united.

Each dive tribe is run by a local volunteer moderator for their city.

In each individual city divetribes are organized to go on diveruns. The moderator of the group(diveleader) reads the input from divetribe cities members and organizes the dive. Whether this dive is exploring a new dive or checking out a classic dive the tribe splits all booty found equally at the end of the night. The divetribe should agree on time and duration of the dive and the initial meeting point along with the general direction of the dive. Also include if you will be using bikes or walking on foot. (on most dives no vehicles allowed on the diverun unless otherwise noted by the moderator for couch pickup or other reasons.) Be sure to leave time for initial introductions to break ice and make the event enjoyable. Always R.S.V.P. if you want to go on the diverun by replying to the posted diverun.
JamesDiveUnder posted on divetribecitynamehere:

Subject: Let's Dive Munchies!

11:00 pm - 1:00 am dive
meet @ 200 West 300 East.
We will be diving mostly bakeries tonight.

(note.) always bring a friend when going to divetribe meetings to ensure your own safety.

To find your tribe you can..

1. Search for the interest "divetribe" without quotation marks.

note. some tribes may abbreviate their cities name for convience. for example divetribesaltlakecity might be divetribeslc for convience.

To add your tribe you can..

1. Create a livejournal in this format:
.example. :

2. When editing the "Editing Personal Information" window appears for your community scroll down to "Interest" and add "divetribe," to the list without the quotation marks.
.example. :

3. Post the tribe with associated banner/logo/etc. on divetribe.

Be sure to include:

1. The name of the tribe:
.example.: divetribetampa

2. The location of the tribe:
.example.: Tampa, Florida

3. The divetribes Moderator/Dive Leader
.example.: chironsrequiem

When Posting To This Community:

*LJ-Cut everything that is longer than two paragraphs.

*LJ-Cut if your pictures are larger than 100k or if you have multiple pictures.
<lj-cut text="Read More">
text here text here text here text here text here picture here picture here picture here text here text here text here text here text here
more info here:

*Don't post off topic. dumpsterdiving is for general diving finds and information whereas divetribe is used to organize and unite tribes to dive. Post diving finds only if they are done in a tribe.

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